She’s just made that way

I’ve read and heard about countless stories about decent men losing their families due to their wives walking away.   Red pill theories offer a lot of insight as to why this is happening more and more frequently.   There is a rage that occurs once you realize that 1)women aren’t who we thought they were 2)You can’t ever truly trust a woman the way you’d like and 3)That it seems unfair that they can pretty do whatever they want without actually feeling the consequences of their actions.

The good thing is that it helps my ego in that I realize that there really wasn’t much that I could do.   Biology compels her to act in a hypergamous way, but modern society encourages her to act upon that nature.   In the past, religion, patriarchy, and male dominance pretty much act as a deterrent for her to act that way.   While I do think that we as men did often abuse our power, I also think that it in it’s best form, prevented a lot of the issues we see today.    Especially the walk away wife syndrome.  Many women in the past would be thanking God to have husbands like many of the decent husbands who get left today.  Modern feminism and thirsty men have given women such a strong sense of entitlement, that they cannot be happy or content with one man.   Instead of resisting their lower animal instincts, they are encouraged to pursue it.  It’s called following her heart.

The family structure as we know it is evolving.   I could almost see an argument that this might be for the best, but unfortunately, I also see that the psychological effects that broken homes often have on children.   Women (especially in the black community) don’t really have the best track record of choosing the best men to father their children in modern society.   This leads us further down the road of dysfunction.   They’ve adopted the white woman’s struggle of feminism.   Historically, black men didn’t oppress black women.  (we were both being oppressed).   But as black women jumped on board with the white feminist movement, they sort of left us behind.   This helped lead to the infamous single black household.

As a result, modern black male masculinity is often shaped by feminist single mothers.

Women are often emotional, so our boys (raised by women) often express their masculinity in a feminine (emotional) way.   This is attractive to younger black girls because 1) they were raised by the same women who raised these boys and 2)women are attracted to masculine behavior.    The males willing to display this emotionally charged masculine in flashy and destructive ways attract more attention and the girls are attracted to it.  The rational, reasonable male is often overlooked and seen as ‘boring.’   Hypergamous and financially independent black women are told that they ‘deserve’ it all and either prefer the excitement of the bad boy over the stability of a good man or often times, will choose both.   Having the bad boy’s children at a younger age, then seeking the good guy later in life to help raise them.  Worst case scenario (best if you’re a woman), she’ll just cheat with the “Alpha” guy while enjoying the stability of the “beta”.  Alpha’s fuck, beta’s buck.  You can’t be a faithful alpha male.  No matter what society tells you.  Being faithfully married makes you a beta, there’s no way around it.   She might stay faithful, but most likely will be unhappy and if the right guy comes along at the right time, any excuse will do.

Unfortunately, this self destructive combination isn’t good for society, especially our fragile black community.    Many of the top performing black men who were ridiculed by black women while younger often go to other races of women because they were rejected.  Even in my case, though not terribly successfully, I do ok.  I don’t really want the responsibility of taking on another man’s kids.   I know that no matter what I do for her and her kids, if someone else “better” comes along and my services are no longer “needed” she’ll kick me to the curb with no problem.  I would be seen as guilty for trying to keep her in an unhappy relationship and I would just need to “man up” and “move out of the way.”

It’s funny, my 8 year old son told me this weekend about how the girls in his class didn’t pay attention to some boy until he surprised them and played piano in music class.   He must have done a great job.   He says now that most of the girls have a crush on him.   He thought it was amusing and “weird”.   It goes to show that these biological impulses are just wired into them.

She can never love you for you, but only for what you can do for her.   Whether it’s financial or social currency.   I also heard a quote that “Fame is like that girl who loves you, until she’s done with you.”    The modern woman is like that.

We just have to accept it.   We have to accept that without the protection of the patriarchal system, family won’t survive.   It’s financial and emotional suicide for men to actually love women these days.   We can accept them for what they are and appreciate their beauty and have as much sex as we can, but at this point, we have to realize that love (as we know it) is just a fantasy.

The only way to turn this around is to lower her value.  We as men are so thirsty for sex and so willing to do anything for it that women ranked lower or equal to us still have way more options.   A woman that’s a 7 has no problems with finding a suitable male.   A man that’s a 7 will have to dip down into the 2 or 3 range in order to find someone and even then, it’s very likely she will monkey branch to someone else if the opportunity presents itself.  We actually helped create this monster and until we’re willing to hold ourselves and women accountable and stop accepting ‘anything’ for sex we’re going to be stuck here for a long time.   There are too many simps and undisciplined men for that though.

Unless that ever changes, we have to operate under the assumption that:    “She’s never yours, it’s just your turn”, and act accordingly.








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