Cheating the Game

I was thinking that my wife played the game similarly to how one would play the single game.   As a responsible man and husband, I couldn’t just walk away from her when she started with the bull.   I mean I could, but it would have had an effect on the kid.   Getting married turns you into a simp or sucker, it’s just simply designed that way.   You have power when you’re married (and someone loves you) and you’re responsible not to abuse that power.   Unfortunately, when you marry a sociopath, they understand this.  They get the power trip and pretty much gives you their ass to kiss.   She may not have been corrupt before you married her, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.   The she has over you will turn her off to you, even if in the context of doing what you gotta do to maintain your home.

If you love your family and value your home, they know that you can’t just walk away, even if they can.   You look at your family, your vows, your obligations, and realize that grace might be needed.   Unfortunately, that makes you appear to be needy.   Which is unattractive.

When a woman gets into bitch mode while married, there isn’t really much you can do to get her out of it.   Women lose their minds during this mode and the thing is that she KNOWs she’s being a bitch.   In regular life, a man could just walk away.   When married you have repeat the stupid mantra “Happy wife, happy life.” Then proceed to take her shit, buy her something, stand up for yourself (which transforms her into bitch mode 2), or ignore her (which causes her act more disrespectfully in the long term.)

As time goes on, women become less and less attracted because they basically take all of your masculinity away.    You can’t put a foot in her ass, you can’t just leave, you just have to sit there and take it.  Keep in mind that you can’t argue with a woman period….Let alone while in bitch mode.   This is why a HUGE red flag is when a woman says that she needs a strong man to handle her.   First of all, you’re a human, not a wild animal, you should be able to handle yourself.  Secondly, no man wants to deal with all the bullshit in the world then have to come home and take your shit.

There are many good men that won’t commit emotionally because we realize that being good gives her the upperhand.   Many women cannot handle having the upper hand.   Maybe this is why they’re instinctively attracted to the narcisstic bad boy.  Perhaps this is why selfishness, conceit, and cockiness appeal to them.   They claim that they don’t want a ‘nice guy’ because they’d run all over him.   A cocky guy will walk out /away at the sign of disrespect, likes fighting, and doesn’t mind taking things to another lever of savagery.  Even if that means leaving the kids behind.   In essence, he is like her at the core and I suppose that like attracts like.

It’s my opinion that being a ‘hot head’ is a feminine trait.   Sure there’s masculinity in the forefront, but it’s being controlled by feminine energy.  Masculine energy is more quiet, logical, methodical.  It considers how current actions will affect the future and those around him.   A man, looks out for his tribe or his group.  He can’t afford to jump or be reactive or act out of his ‘feelings.’    He must consider the consequences of how making emotional decisions can affect his tribe.   He isn’t afraid to use his force to stand up for what’s right, but he doesn’t just use it just for the sake of having it.    A lot of dudes, especially the douchebags, fuckboys, and bad boys do shit just to ‘show off.’   That’s why a lot of them are always into stuff.   Dope boys get caught because they buy flashy cars and jewelry.   Fake Gangsters start fights and shoot at people because they got angry.   Douches start smoke with people to impress women. None really stop to consider the consequences of their actions it seems that women LOVE this , no matter how much they say they don’t.

A lot of women mistake cool, calm, composure with weakness and meekness.  They mistake kindness, grace, and understanding for simpery.   They prefer the flashy bravado of the bad boy.   It makes sense because in a way, both are caught up in the materialism and the trappings of the world.  They like drama, even though they don’t say they don’t.   Cognitive Dissonance is real.   I’ve learned that you don’t judge a person by what they say, but by what they do.   Security is boredom and instability means passion and wet panties.   IJS, it’s not just me.   MEN KNOW this.   I’ve had many, many discussions with guys and the overall consensus is that it has been their experience also.   It’s an unsaid meme that we as men have to CREATE drama in order to keep women attracted and from being bored.   It’s easy for men who act out of their feminine and this is probably a reason why bad boy seem more exciting.

NO matter, facts are facts, and no need to complain.  Water is wet, cows moo, and babies cry.  You deal with it.   The thing is that a lot of us had to learn this the hard way.  Most  good men should not marry these days.   He should never fall in love.  Not because he can’t, but because it will save him a LOT of pain and emotional trauma in the long run.    Save love and marriage for the simps and fuckboys.


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