Men lie, Women lie to themselves


They say that men have an ability to compartmentalize between sex and emotion.  But they never tell you that women have the ability to compartmentalize between fantasy and reality.    I’m thinking that the problem with me and many ‘good’ guys is that we tell women what they need to hear instead of what they ‘want’ to hear.   We try to push forward an as  accurate map of reality as possible.  As men, our frame usually dominates.  In today’s world, women don’t really want to take accountability for their behavior.    This is why talking ‘facts’ to most women just doesn’t work when it comes to getting laid or trying to get into a relationship.

The want to be sold the fantasy that “it just happened”.   Especially when it comes to sex.   They’ll do stupid stuff like flirt with you all day, go out with you, get drunk, make out, come back to your apartment, and have sex.   Then be like, I didn’t mean for that to happen.    They’ll deny any role that they had in the process, especially if they are married or have a significant other.    Confront them on it, and they swear it never happened, even with evidence in tow.

A perfect example of this cognitive dissonance is when these women go on the Maury show and swear 200% that some schmuck is her baby’s father.   They will go on national television 100% confident that these men are the fathers.   Very rarely will they ever admit that it’s a possibility that some other guy might be the father.   Instead, they act stupid, unruly, and insulted that the guy had doubt her about it.    Then in the end, instead of owning up to the fact that they were lying, they run through the studio crying  looking for sympathy acting like they were blindsided by the news.   And you know what happens, they usually get the sympathy.   Meanwhile, the guy who was innocent, who just got boo’d by the crowd, who, years ago might have been stuck for 18+ years raising a kid who wasn’t even his doesn’t even get an apology.

The cognitive dissonance these women have is truly disturbing.   You can never trust a woman because she lies to herself.   Her ability to compartmentalize fantasy from reality is really, really, scary.     I seriously wonder if they actually ‘know’ that they are lying to themselves.   It’s to the point of delusion.   In their world, facts don’t matter as much as feeling.   Facts only make sense if they can support their feeling.   It’s like they’d rather live in a world of lies, than just face the hard facts.

I’ve made the mistake of debating otherwise very rational women.  In every case, if they catch me with something I was unaware of or just wrong about, I’d at least consider it.   If they showed me evidence, then I’d concede that point.   If I do the same with them, they  get emotional, angry,  and unreasonable.  They want to end the conversation, put their fingers in ears and ignore what I said, or escalate to the point of arguing.   I’ve tried pointing out what they were doing and there’s usually some sympathizer or beta male simp that steps in and asks me to just “let it go.”

This has happened with with white women, but I don’t really have too many white friends, but it happens a lot with black women.  It’s as if they seriously can’t handle being wrong….about anything.   I’ve had friendly conversations with almost every black woman I’m close to suddenly turn south if I begin to encroach on them being wrong about something.   Oddly, they won’t hesitate to tell me if I’m wrong or about the wrong that everybody else says or does.

My male friends may debate, we might flat out argue, but it doesn’t get to point of breaking down the conversation.  We respect each other and while we don’t insult each other with ad hominem attacks.   We explain our points of views, try to get support from people that’s around, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t even come close to getting into a fist fight.   To cap this point, a co worker and I were debating some topic one day and a female co worker heard us.   We were getting loud, but neither felt insulted nor even close to wanting to actually fight each other.   She heard us and was like “calm down guys, you’re getting upset.”   We both looked at her like she was crazy because her tone showed that she was serious.

I noticed this before I became red pill.  But now it makes sense when I hear men say that you should never argue or debate with a woman.  Before I thought it was just sexist drivel.  As if women can’t have a civil debate without getting too emotional.   But now I realize that (from my experience) they can’t.   I also now realize that it’s why PUA’s say to appeal to their emotions rather than their logic.   Logical points are only used to support the emotional state you’re trying to invoke.   It does explain why my wife’s boyfriends  (my God I’m pathetic right now….gentlemen don’t get married and have kids, trust me on this)   were so effective in getting her to cheat.  I always told her that they tell you what you want to hear, while I tell you what you need to hear.



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