Flawed Design

Lately, I’ve been thinking and wondering why it seems to important to go out and get women. First of all, apparently, I don’t know if I’m built for this. I’m not an ‘alpha’ male, but I’m not quite a ‘beta’ male either. I actually hate the term “alpha” and “beta” when it comes to describing people because it generally just refers to personality types. Some people are naturally type A’s, some type B’s, and many have traits of both in any given circumstance.

I’m not built for this because I’m not really that selfish. I like to consider other people’s feelings too. I’m a team player and believe in cooperation, equality, and fairness on a fundamental level. I believe in compromise and working together to make our experience as dope as possible. So I co lead. You do your part, I’ll do mine. Let’s do this together, not let’s do what I want to do and you can get on board of get out of the way.

I’m becoming jaded and bitter at women in general. I’m starting believe AWALT (all women are like that). I’m not materialistic. I don’t believe in traveling as a status symbol. I don’t want to work and waste my time building an empire to buy material things like huge houses and luxury cars. I’d rather spend my free time learning an instrument, practicing capoeira, working out, reading books, playing video games, teaching my son, and living a simple life.

I don’t want to spend my life running the rat race for material. Buying things that I don’t want to impress people I don’t like. I can admire the huge house on the hill or the nice fancy cars without desiring to have those things myself.

But yet television, social media, dating app profiles are just reminders that most women are into those very things. It seems that they’ve been programmed to feel deserving of those things. Whether they work for them or not. They want a man that’s also as material as them.

I feel fortunate and even blessed to live in such a time of comforts and technology. A time where we can have hot showers, eat pretty much whatever we want when we want, drive a car to far destinations, watch television. I have pretty much the sum of human information in the palm of my hand. I can strap on a VR headset and go to an entirely different world if I want. When it’s cold outside, I can sit in comfort of heat in my apartment living room. When it’s hot, I can just crank up the AC to around 70 degrees. I mean a middle class person in America today lives better than Kings and Queens did some 200 years ago. We live (comfort wise) better than 99% of the population in the history of the world.

But yet so many people are unsatisfied. They want more. No, they feel that they deserve more. Educated black women are some of the most entitled and spoiled women on this planet. They seem to think that their insignificant jobs somehow entitle them to live like an actual queen by modern day standards. Anything less is settling. God forbid if this job gives them a nice income. As if being a project manager in some corporate organization is actually changing the world or helping humanity or something.

To them, ambition is about getting titles, accolades, salary, luxury. They’ve bought in to this system hook, line, and sinker. Any man not plugged in, wanting to be plugged in, or under the delusion is not a man to them. Money, power, and material ambition is what they desire in a man. That desire is to show their girlfriends that they are better than them somehow.

The typical 30 something year old woman in Atlanta has this profile. They work in some sort of middle class job making pretty decent money. Maybe a nurse or some corporate job. They have 1 or 2 kids. Drive some sort of luxury vehicle. They have a 250k to 300k house. They are on their phones constantly. They love reality tv and the show power. They love to travel. They claim to love cooking. Many of them are boring as all get out as in they have no hobbies. They are strong and you can’t tell them anything. They claim that their kids are their world (as they should be, but that doesn’t really leave much time for you to date them). Most are overweight or obese. They love drinking wine on weekends and on a typical Friday night are glued to their phones texting beta orbiters and gossiping /complaining to their girlfriends about where did all the real men go. They have a Micheal Coors or Gucci Bag that costs more than what they have in the bank. They take stupid selfies of themselves in some foreign land as if being well traveled and cultured is the same thing.

The thing is, why would any single man want to really be serious about these women to begin with. I mean outside of sex, what are they bringing to the table? We don’t need their money. We don’t like doing the same things. We’re not really trying to play step daddy to another man’s kids. They are too demanding. They will never love us for us, just what we can do or what they think we can do for them. They are difficult to get along with. They don’t like trying new things unless it’s something they can go back and brag to their friends about. The sex will eventually dry up if you do get into a relationship. They expect vacations, big houses, us to have nice cars too…..even if we don’t care for those things.

They’ll cheat as soon as some more attractive guy gives them the validation they’re looking for. They’ll hold any flaw you have against you once they get used to you and use that as an excuse to monkey branch to the next best thing. Regardless of what you do for them.

Then you ask about their baby fathers. They either got pregnant by the bad boys which means that they make bad decisions. If he left her, then she’s probably always going to be attracted to him so it’s always a threat he could sneak back in to the picture while you’re out working.

Or she simply left her ‘nice guy’ husband in search of greener grass which makes you question her morals. He’ll still be there in the picture for his kids and you never know if she’ll finally see the light and get her family back together as the kids probably want that. They’re going to hate you for trying to take his place.

Even still, they walk around here thinking that just because guys will sleep with them means that they are ‘deserving’ of a guy who has it all. What I mean by entitled is that they don’t bring anything significant to the table, but are still in a perpetual state of grass is greener. They think that their travel experience, education, or salary somehow makes them a prize or catch. They don’t realize that these qualities are very common in Atlanta. In fact, real men, don’t really place much weight on these things. I mean these are not attributes, they are what you’re supposed to be doing anyway.

While they might be nice, what we value more is looks (lose the weight), character, loyalty, morals, the ability to love in spite of flaws, self reflection, sense of adventure, appreciation for simplicity, willingness to learn, a real relationship with the MOST HIGH, the ability to self reflect, and unselfishness. The ability to make life interesting without having to rely on drama. Not being caught up with having to keep up with the jones’s. Humbleness and beauty without the arrogance and thirst trap behavior. Things that normal people should do.

These women are greedy, selfish, entitled, boring, and either don’t know or won’t admit it. They are arrogant, thirsty for attention, and undeserving divas.

They give the best of themselves to men who don’t appreciate them and they have no attraction for the men who would. They are addicted to drama and find stability as boring and unfulfilling. They can’t seem to figure out how to find fulfillment or contentment in a stable household without losing attraction to their man. Unless of course, he’s bringing in a lot of money. But even then, that usually requires a lot of working hours, but then they complain and cheat because he’s never there.

It’s important for men to realize that most modern women are just designed to be unhappy. Putting your heart into one is like trying to tame a wild tiger. Marrying one is like putting on a pork chop jacket and trying to tame one.

Knowing this is their nature, the only real option is to seek out and have fun with younger ones who don’t have anything and haven’t been hardened by reality. Even though it’s catch and release, at least they don’t have all the miles and baggage yet.

Many 30 something year olds are still beautiful physically, but inside, most are a cluster fuck of unrealistic expectations, emotional damage, and bad attitudes. From my observation, years of buying into this system has killed their souls. They are in essence, the walking dead.

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