Vanity, Greed, and Narcissism = Winning

These days I’ve been feeling like hot women aren’t really all that hot anymore.  I’ve grown particularly disinterested in social media and reality tv types.  The makeup, fake breasts, fake booties, and caked on makeup look are turn offs.  Filters and augmented rabbit ears or whatever don’t do it for me.   They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but some books don’t give me any interest.

Perhaps this is just another manifestation of being treated like ish and devalued by a woman who is into these things.   Maybe it’s triggering my ‘bullshit’ meter.  My wife is a pretty woman, in a standard sense.  She isn’t a dime or anything, but she has a natural beauty.  She doesn’t wear much makeup, but lately has been concerned very much about her appearance.  She follows the Instagram fitness models and is infatuated with reality TV.   She’s also hell bent on getting plastic surgery and gaining weight so she can be “thick” like the archetype.

The thing is that the attitude of women who look like this is very unattractive.  Confidence is cool, but now, a lot of women, especially in the black community are looking to take on the persona of the “the bad bitch.”  In other words, narcissistic.

These women are devoid of feelings, “all about the bag”, sheepish (wanting to look like everyone else, wanting to follow the crowd).   They seem shallow, superficial, and do things for the ‘likes.’   Having a good conversation is like pulling teeth.   The thing is, they don’t care at best, but are most often, oblivious.   Finding one who’s spiritual, but not bat shit crazy is damn near impossible.   I often find myself having to resort to being a clown to ‘entertain’ them.   Self amusement if you will.

They walk around with a sense of entitlement, are drawn to danger, and live as if life is just about having fun and making money.   Amoral at best, they tend to be drawn to guys who are “about that life.”  Regardless of how dangerous or unnecessary it is.   One could excuse young teenage girls who are just beginning to live life, but now, it’s quite common, at least in Atlanta for women in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with a modicum of success to walk around like they are Cleopatra or something.   They want to be bonnie to the clyde who already made it.   Or the guy taking penitentiary chances to maintain a lifestyle of luxury.  I suspect that once these guys get caught up in the streets, (either prison or death), or go broke, they won’t stick around for long.   Maybe this is why thugs use them as they know this is likely the case.

They seem to value their external appearances more than cultivating their inner person.  They don’t read books, aren’t interested in culture.  They mistake traveling for vacationing and say stupid things like YOLO.

Driving lyft on the side affords me the opportunity to speak to many women in an intimate, yet not quite personal setting.   Ask them what they like, the answer is always “travel”.   They are all “foodies”.   They are all “about their money”.   They want a funny guy who can make them laugh, take them on trips around the world, used to have a past (in the streets) but are either out or trying to get out.  They want a man who all other women want, but he’s only faithful to them.   They haven’t seemed to figure out that guys with the most charm and “swag” are typically players and aren’t really interested in being faithful or good to them.   They fall for the same type all the time.

Narcissistic dudes are winning these days.   Their total lack of regard for her and her feelings is a turn on for them it seems.   Being an asshole isn’t about being ‘mean’, but it just means you say what she wants to hear.  Act in an undetached manner and she matters only when you want something from her.  I’m starting to think that these women don’t really want true love, but only the appearance of love.   It does make sense granted that they are for the most part, that way themselves.

Stability is ‘boring’.  Having a decent job and doing what you gotta do to pay the bills….’boring.’ Staying out the streets…boring.   Saving and actually building….boring.   Staying home and helping with the kids…boring.  Basically, doing what you’re supposed to do is ….boring.   On a side note, I’ve had my fill of passionate, exciting, yet dysfunctional relationships and I’ve found that ‘boring’ is good.

In a way, I’m thankful that being a jerk isn’t really natural for me.   I revel in being different and that’s repellant to many women who want to ‘fit in’ to the narrowly defined stereotypes in the black community.








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