Bisexaul Studs… Possible unicorns?

Why does it seem that the coolest females to get along with are the ones who aren’t attracted to men?  For some reason, I’ve always gotten along well with the ‘stud’ type lesbians.

In the African American community, those are the ones who for the most part act and dress like guys.   They are still females to me.   Maybe it’s the male equivalent to females having that ‘gay’ male best friend.   The difference is that I’d actually have sex with her though.   Perhaps that’s because there isn’t as much a stigma of sleeping with bi-sexual women as it is with women sleeping with bi sexual men.  For most black women, the idea of their man sleeping with another man is abhorrent.  For me and I suspect most guys, if a woman slept with another woman in the past, isn’t really that big of a deal.

I mean in many instances, and it almost never fails, they are the types who I can get around and never run out of things to talk about.   I meet a few other guys here and there who I can talk shit with all day, but that’s few and far between.  We usually end up being lifelong friends even though we don’t really communicate that much.    That happens even less with most females.  I haven’t really experienced that with any gay men.   Of the ones I do meet, it’s just a vibe of whatever,  but no interpersonal chemistry.   But there is usually some sort of chemistry with studs that I can’t explain.   I’m unsure if it’s sexual even though I almost convinced an old neighbor of mine to come back home to Africa.  I’m pretty sure that given enough time and opportunity we could have made something happen.

I think it’s partially because they don’t keep up as much drama as most women do.  They don’t seem to thrive on the drama.   They are usually more friendly and down to earth.   They usually like the same things I like.  It also doesn’t seem like the same amount of pressure to say and do the right things.  Conversation just naturally flows, even if there is a silence, it’s not uncomfortable.

There is a feminine qualia about them that makes them seem vulnerable enough to want to protect them.   I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the ones who actually look like dudes.   I’m talking about the cute ones who dress like dudes.  They have pretty faces and nice bodies underneath the baggy clothes.   They don’t seem to have that sense of entitlement of ‘I deserve’ or ‘Princess Syndrome” that most of these modern women have.   The ones i’m referring to don’t act ‘hard’ and are out there “wishing a nigga would.”  The seem to listen and in a lot of ways, respect you more than the average woman does.   It’s really hard to explain, but it’s like they actually listen to what you say as if they are taking advice and not feeling criticized.  They seem to have to ability to be objective and self reflect better or something.  The ones I dealt with actually had interesting hobbies and did more than just watch reality tv, talk about vacations, and stay on Instagram all damn day.   We could actually converse about heavier subjects without them getting bored and even joke about serious topics.  In many ways there is something more feminine about them than your typical “love and hiphop”/” housewives of Atlanta” wanna be females.

I mean seriously, I could have fallen hard for a few of them if the opportunity presented itself.  I can think of 4 right now that I wish I had more time with.    I just wonder how the sex thing would work because I’m a freak and all, but there is no way in hell I’m getting pegged with a strap on.  She’d have to have sex with me in for things to work, but we could work it out where she could have a girl on the side.

The older I get and the more I learn about the typical woman’s nature, the less I’m starting to like them.   I’m still attracted physically, but now is the part of figuring out how to have sex with them without either becoming attached or getting them too attached.   I have to strike the balance of not giving a fuck without necessarily lying or manipulating them to make them want to have sex.

I wonder if I’m the only guy who experiences this.  Most of my male friends I’ve asked never really knew any so they say that they don’t know.   Maybe it’s just me, but yeah, I think I should try and get old girl’s number.





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