Happiness Matters Most

Putting your happiness on someone else (no matter who does it) is a recipe for a failed marriage, broken homes, and emotionally scarred children.  When love is mostly based on how happy you are with someone, once the honeymoon is over, the love is gone.  Most people confuse love and happiness in relationships.  Both are a choice and when it comes down to it, none of us want to choose it when it gets hard.

It’s sad that our children have to suffer because we are always searching for the next best thing. We justify that our kids would be happier if we were happy. No they would actually be happier if we would stop allowing our selfishness and lust dictate what happiness looks like.
The prevailing attitude today has become ‘our’ Happiness Over Everything  (H.O.E mentality) ….Including our word, responsibility, and duty. The worst thing is that we often aren’t willing to work for it and would prefer it to just be given to us. As the old saying goes “A man is about as miserable as he chooses to be”. Instead of sacrificing a bit and finding happiness within our responsibility, we’d rather destroy our homes in search of something ‘better’.

Because we think something might be better or easier, we CHOOSE discontent and misery as justification to hurt so many people. In the process we turn a blind eye to the ‘good’ parts of what we do have. In essence throwing out the ” baby with the bathwater.” We psyche ourselves out and focus on the negative to make ourselves seem like ‘good’ people to justify our selfish lustful desires.  Then well tell ourselves that our kids will be ok.

Personally, if I ever meet a woman who would/could do this with to her family and kids, I’d never date her seriously.   I’d screw her sure.  Probably cheat on her because I’d feel she deserved it.  If the sex was good, I might stay around, but I’d know that there is no point in setting myself up long term for a relationship.  She doesn’t understand loyalty and would probably leave as soon as she “stopped feeling it.”  It doesn’t matter how well you treat her nor if you have kids involved.  Her happiness is her number one concern.

If it doesn’t look the way she envisioned it, nothing you can do, no matter how well things really are can convince her otherwise.    This is why I believe most men aren’t so keen on getting married or in relationships.  The nature of so many women these days is that they cannot be satisfied for long unless you stay emotionally unavailable.    I now cringe when I see someone taking a knee to propose.

We have perverted the idea of the pursuit of happiness and are headed down the path of unabashed hedonism. We should all just stop with the romantic fantasy b.s. notion of love and loyalty and get down to what this really is…great sex with a variety of people with no responsibility to anything or anyone except our own happiness.

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