Side Dudes…nature’s voluntary cucks

These days a lot of men don’t mind being a female’s “side” dude.  These guys are the lowest forms of scum on God’s green earth in my opinion.   Many claim to be bosses or ‘alpha’.   It’s funny because while some claim that they are making the main guy the cuck…and they are….the main guy is often unaware of it.  Side guys are the ones voluntarily signing up for the position.

The side dude is fully aware that that cheating chick is often living with and often still sleeping with her main dude.   They voluntarily choose to share a woman with someone.  Talk about low hanging fruit.   It’s funny because they often feel that they are getting one over or are somehow more of man.   With so many single women out there, if their game was on point, then why are they settling for sharing a woman?  You might not ever truly know if your girl is faithful, but the difference is that you don’t know that she isn’t.  Side dude know that she’s very likely still having sex with her man as a fact.

Sure, they might be easier maintenance on one hand, but on the other, if their game was tight, maintenance wouldn’t really be a problem.   They’re also the reason many women ain’t ish too.  Seriously, if they weren’t so thirsty, these sloots would have to either leave or be honest and stay.  If these dudes were so alpha, they could get their own women and not have to worry about someone’s sloppy seconds. I’m thinking that these dudes settle because their game isn’t really that great and they are thirsty.  I often wondered if my wife was single at the time, would she have even given that low life loser a chance.  Seriously, aside from the possibility of this dude having a bigger dick (and I really don’t know what he had), I really can’t see anything that made him better than man me.

Are they so stupid that they actually believe it when a woman says she isn’t sleeping with her main guy? I mean dude, that chick is cheating, she’s obviously a liar.   Is her character one of where you can trust anything she says?  She obviously makes bad decisions and TBH, instead of feeling like you’re better than that dude, you’d think you’d feel sorry for him.  Even if you did keep messing with her.

Even if he was a simp, you’d think that you would “get it” enough not to be contemptuous and disrespectful against him.  Especially if he’s otherwise handling his business.

Dudes are stupid.  I’ve noticed that at least 80% of the women I’ve dated said something along the lines of me being great in bed.  They’d allude that I’m one of (if not) the best they’ve had.   That’s without me asking or prompting.   It used to go to my head until I thought about it and realized that I pretty much told them the same thing.  While there is truth in there, most of the time,  it weighs about  the same as the lie.  But all things given, I’d rather hear that than not.   It just doesn’t inflate my ego as much.   If i’m honest, i think that they probably really say it to most,  if not all guys they end up sleeping with if they care to keep him around.

The point is that their ego’s are boosted so high by believing this lying ass immoral woman that actually believe that they are somehow better and the main guy is worthy of contempt somehow.   My wife’s affair raised all sorts of insecurities in my until i realized that no matter what, that guy is NOT a better man than me.  In fact, it’s very likely that she would have cheated with me on him if they had been together first.  Even if he was a ‘better’ man somehow.  This is just based on chemistry that we have or (at least one time had).

Cheating truly doesn’t have anything to do with the betrayed person as much as it does with the cheater.   A person who cheats on their spouse/SO is actually less worthy to be with the loyal person.  The ego has a funny way of twisting that around.   Just remember that she probably would have cheated with you on that person if the shoe was on the other foot.   that thought helped my ego anyway.

But I don’t think I would have cheated with her.  I never like sharing my woman with anyone.  Giving oral is absolutely out of the question if I know she has a dude.   She could do it to me.  While it would be kind of funny to know that she went back and kissed that guy after doming me, on a certain level it would be messed up knowing that it could just as easily happen to me.

I don’t know how hot, passionate sex can occur knowing that she has someone else.  It would feel to me like kissing or licking a prostitute.  I think this is partly why finding out  a chick is cheating makes you so angry.   Maybe the side guy is ok with knowing that, but as for me, I’d rather not.   Plus knowing he’s ok with this makes me wonder what he’s out doing on the side.  He is probably the type that has no problems kissing or eating out actual hoes.  It raises a few questions.  How many dicks has he sucked second hand?   How much cum has he kissed of a woman’s lips?  And now my girl is actually kissing and making out with that dirty douchebag?  There are principles in this ya know.

So to all of the voluntary cucks aka side dudes out there, you’re not really alpha because let’s face it, you are sneaking around.  Alpha’s don’t have to sneak around, they just do what they do and you either accept it, fight about it,  or move on.   In fact, in the animal kingdom, the betas often sneak around the alpha to try and mate with a female when they think he isn’t looking.

We somehow get the game twisted, but the moral of the story is that a ho gonna be a ho regardless of if she’s a monkey ho or a human ho.






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