To my wife’s boyfriend

I’m struggling between whether I should shake your hand or punch you in the face repeatedly.

Maybe I’ll do both, but not in that order.

But however it goes down, just know that your  white knight dreams of saving the beautiful princess from her horrible husband and child is just a fantasy.  I’m not a bad guy.  You made yourself my enemy.  You find glory and an ego boost in feeling like “the better man.”  You may be… until you aren’t anymore.

Do you honestly believe that you’re the only fearless knight who she allowed into her walls because she “loved” him?maybe you’re her new soul mate.

I’ll bet texting and talking to her all day makes you feel special huh? Like you’re somehow so connected. I ain’t gonna lie, she had me like that too at first. Shit I married her. But not too long ago, the other dude she was texting and talking to all day felt the same way.

So your princess who is willing to lie and cheat on her husband as opposed to just leave and divorce must be some angel.  Some prize.

This virtuous woman who decided that instead of working on the issues in her marriage felt that the best way to fix her marriage was to go out and have an affair.

She was even kind enough to accept her evil husbands grace of trying to fix things for the family while secretly continuing the affair. Another story.

Turn the page.

Now I guess it’s your turn. Tbh the wicked king is tired of her lies. In truth his heart is conflicted.

He has tough choices to make.

He is caught between either hurting his son by letting her destroy the home or honoring his vows for better or for worse by continuously praying for her.  The battle has turned inward.  There is a civil war that rages between his own heart and mind.  Principles and esteem.

He is tired of fighting for a queen who doesn’t appreciate him. Who spits in his face and knowingly injures and disrespects him.

He feels cursed that he loves her. But he swore to His God that he’d honor his commitment and vows to the best of his ability.  He owes it to his family to fight.  He owes it to his son to protect him.

His job was to protect the home. But how can he protect it from betrayal. Pro tip. Betrayal won’t come from your enemies.  How do you fight an enemy when cost of the collateral damage

How can he protect his young son from the soul crushing pain of seeing his home ripped apart, but at the same time, he cannot force her to stay nor be happy.

Sacrifice must be a choice, true love is a choice, but that type of love and happiness must be chosen. But as with any choice, she has the right to make a different one.

And so now you choose to try to “save” her? Who knows, maybe you will succeed. And Maybe it’s not her you’re rescuing. Maybe it’s me.

Maybe the curse of loving her will finally be lifted and I can laugh again without the needles in my body constantly poking my chest. I can eat without them stabbing my stomach. Maybe I can finally get some damn sleep.

Maybe I won’t be so obsessed with checking her phone records and angry about being lied to all the time.

Maybe you can handle the curse of loving a lying, cheating, disrespectful woman.  It seems that you’re doing well with it so far.    They say if they’ll cheat with you, they’d cheat on you.   Maybe they’re wrong, but you assisting with breaking a home and separating a son from his Dad knowing that she is capable of lying and cheating should be enough to deter you.

But maybe she convinced you that your love is worth risking it all for.  Wait, you’re not risking anything.   Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that  you’re different. This could never happen to you.  I’m sure her other “soul mate” thought the same thing.  He was willing to risk his family.  That “love” ended up on the pile of broken hearts and dashed dreams that usually accompany this type of betrayal.  But this love is different huh, it’s strong enough to withstand the test of time.  It’s sure to endure the challenges of life.  We once thought the same thing.

Now a fragment only remains.  In a deep place in my heart.  I know you’re hopeful that your assault against me will finally snuff it out.  Maybe it will and I’ll be alleviated from the curse of this love.  It’s heavy and painful.  It took me through hell and has landed me in limbo.  Perhaps you will succeed in finally exstinguishing the flame and I can finally ascend back to earth.   I kind of miss the stability of gravity.  I miss feeling normal.

This ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  But we live with our choices and sometimes die in spite of them.

Either way, you still disrespectful, but it’s not worth fighting over.   I  still might just fuck you up when I see you though.

One thought on “To my wife’s boyfriend

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